[Lf] services {Design, Develop and Host}

Dr. Silverstein wanted a website built with HIPAA compliance so his clients could sign up on line. I build him a site that is light, responsive, and easy on the eyes. Using the Workpress CMS, and HIPAA compliant plugins the site is able to process data securely.

We recommended promoting search engine friendly themes like javascript which gracefully depreciates and user friendly frameworks like bootstrap for mobile views. Dr. Silverstein liked the result and I hope you do too. Simple, clean, elegant and packed with functionality.

Single Page

Infinite Scroll, Responsively

All the necessary information is contained on one page. Because we used the bootstrap framework, I made the site so it is able scale 'responsively' to any screen size.


Very Secure

For those who don't know, HIPAA compliance is very strict! Building a website that complies with HIPAA is a feet in itself. It was done with relative ease.

Mobile and Desktop

Responsive on all devices

All devices get special treatment, so the site always looks good and is usable.

Wordpress Engine

Ease of Use

For the parts that weren't HIPAA compliant we used WP. Wordpress allows us to create a website that you can update yourself. WP offers ease of use, and maintainability. Add and edit all the material in-house, without having to pay a professional team for minor changes!

URL Buffer

The following is a change log of URL updates: