[Lf] services {Design, Photo, Develop and Host}

Silverfoxie is a social networking site. Planning took place over 5 years. Initial Development took 9 months. Silverfoxie houses over 75000 lines of code. This is no average undertaking!

Site features:

  • Completely custom framework
  • Fast efficient page loading with AJAX
  • Dynamic page caching
  • Dynamic image resizing and caching
  • Scripted scheduled daily/weekly operations and maintenance
  • 3 Search modes, and 7 search criteria
  • Messaging system
  • Posting, and commenting with privacy settings
  • Message, post, comment, follower notification system
  • Profile blocking and reporting
  • Fully functional administrative section to administer profile payments, images, profile removal, profile status, user ban, etc.

URL Buffer

The following is a change log of URL updates: