[Lf] services {Develop}

I worked with the council president to formulate a direction, focus, implementation, technical specifications, and hosting plan. LionFlux found a great designer to provide a kick ass design that would captivate users.
The website can register new users and allow them to write their businesses for listing in the site directory. Contributors can write news stories. We included a donation collection tied to PayPal.
Midtown South is the largest council in the country. It should have a website that represents it's size and stature.

The Concept

Clean and Simple

The council website was bursting at the seams with content and was beginning to crumble under the weight of the data. We cleaned up navigation and origanization of the site, and it's content, and focused it's payment funnel. The home page is somewhat of an infinite scroll introduction.

Mobile and Desktop

Responsive on all devices

All devices get special treatment, so the site always looks good and is usable.

Wordpress Engine

Ease of Use

The last site Midtown South had was in place for 7 years! We wanted to build a replacement that would last as long and be even easier to use and maintain. Wordpress is the defact-o standard for ease of use, and maintainability. We used WordPress's category and tagging organization to file vertually all the data coming in to the site, from events, to directory listings, to news items.

URL Buffer

The following is a change log of URL updates: