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A good friend need a website to promote the many books he wrote. I wanted to help and he accepted my offer to build him a website. So we used wordpress and a premium custom theme to layout and populate his content. He was particular about the position of certain elements so we spend a half hour on the phone as I modified elements and he view them on his computer 750 miles away. Very cool! Glad I could help my good friend

The Concept

Clean and Simple

Tight typeface control makes this site shine.

Mobile and Desktop

Responsive on all devices

All devices get special treatment, so the site always looks good and is usable.

Wordpress Engine

Ease of Use

Wordpress allows us to create a website that you can update yourself. WP offers ease of use, and maintainability. Add and edit all the material in-house, without having to pay a professional team for minor changes!

URL Buffer

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