[Lf] services {Design, Develop and Host}

American Ballet Competition had a site that was aging. We worked with them to bring it up-to-date. We created a theme that would conjure the the same visuals a stage offers. The website is dark and inspiring. Use of light and shadow is for dynamic effect.

We recommended promoting search engine friendly themes like table-less/no-flash design, by using javascript which gracefully depreciates. They liked the result and we hope you do too. Simple, dark, clean and elegant; the perfect setting for their next event…

Information Rich

Easy to Navigate

Breaking down this project, we noticed there was a serious amount of information on this site. We started by redesigning the navigation to make it easier to get around it. Then we came up with some styling that would allow us to put different categories of information together on the same page without them getting cluttered or confused.

Power Footer

Everything Useful

The footer is one powerful section of this site. It features the competition sponsors, a site map, contact information and address, as well as all the social links you could want. It's hard to get more organized than this.

URL Buffer

The following is a change log of URL updates: