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After the dot-com bust in 2001, companies in San Jose were using web-servers as door stops. Many of the companies fell so quickly, highend web servers became plentiful and cheap. A friend in California gave me a Sun Sparc server. I set it up and hosted a few websites out of my parents basement. That was a long time ago! We we have hundreds of clients and host terabytes of data. We have also upgraded to enterprise hardware, and our hosting facilities are underground in LA, secured by armed guards. Nothing stops our hosting servers!

Today, we offer LionFlux Hosting specializing in secure ever-present online storage. When a client has a question or problem, we are one phone call away, and provide an answer. We setup WordPress engines and transfer websites from other hosts for clients everyday. We even provide secure solutions for credit-card processing, and HIPAA Solutions. LionFlux manages and protects websites for companies of all sizes, and configurations.


LionFlux offers many services from just-a-little-space to internet-startup. Choose which fits your needs. Which ever you choose, you are bound by our Terms of Service.

All hosting packages include email, database, and DNS services.

Hosting PackageStorage / BandwidthSupportYearly Cost
Parking 100MB / 100MB No $69.99
Friends and Family 100MB / 1GB No $99.99
Express 200 200MB / 2GB No $199.99
Professional 300 300MB / 3GB Yes $249.99
Workload 400 400MB / 4GB Yes $299.99
Ethereal-10 1000MB / 10GB No $499.99
Optional Add-ons
SSL Certificate Needed for secure communication, and eCommmerce. $99.99
Wordpress Basic Management WP needs security patches, software updates, and occasional maintenance. $69.99
Wordpress Full Management Includes the basics, but also covers quarterly backups, and exploit recovery. $249.99
External Wordpress Management WP hosted on non-nkdv servers, supports security patches, software updates, and occasional maintenance. $249.99
Helpdesk Phone Support Have general tech questions and want to ask a pro? A flat yearly rate provides as many phone calls as you want. $249.99

For more information call 347-688-9559. Sign up here

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