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We are looking for developers in the NYC and south-west Connecticut areas. We run a loose, fun operation here, and believe work should be compensated generously. Below are a few requirements you should have under your belt, and some instructions on how to submit your application.

Job Description:
Work with team to develop and deploy websites for customers. Part time, up to 20 hours per week. Evaluation after 6 weeks.


  • Development (html, php, css, javascript) may and will change with time)
  • Communicate with team via phone, email, text message, and chat etc.

Required Experience:

  • Programming Experience:
    Understand the basics of Object Oriented Programming.
    Be very familiar with PHP, MySQL, CSS.
    Have experience with engines (WordPress) and frameworks (jQuery).
  • Networking & Protocol Experience:
    Basic understanding of how the components in the LAMP stack function.
  • Have good written, and verbal communication. Be able to respond with little or no latency.

Job duties may include other duties from time to time. Job description is subject to change. Expect to work on site from time to time. Have a laptop and cellphone you can depend on.

Part-time Junior Development

Up to 20 hours per week

How to Submit Application

Send *five* links to PHP projects you have completed. Describe your tasks for each of these projects.

Ah! Where do you send the above?
You will find the email address at {first 8 digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com

Cheat: you can use the tool found here to get the answer
Warning: Submissions sent to the wrong email address will be automatically deleted.

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