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[Lf] is a web development and photography studio in New York City. We build beautiful, responsive websites that users love! We are development, photography and digital geniuses for hire.

Here's Some of Our Work

(Development, Photography, Coaching, & Hosting)
We deal with the technology end so you don't have to. Whether you are a designer or a user, we are your tech gurus for hire.

This Website is Built on the SLFX Framework

The SLFX framework is a powerful single page application framework designed for quick deployment, quick updates and fast performance. Originally developed to run with 20,000 users, the framework features no compile dependancies, AJAX fragment serving, page and image caching, and a fast non-relational MySQL db API. Want to download and play?

Here you go

Why Choose [Lf]?

Made in the USA

Everything we do is made in the USA, in NYC to be exact. We never outsource. Because of our strict policies Quality Control is set to maximum!

Security & Analysis

We have a reputation in network Internet security, attack vector analysis, and exploit evaluation and neutralization; with an emphasis in Internet Applications Development.

Fast-Loading Responsive Websites

We are geeks and we measure in milliseconds and bits! We optimize everything for speed and compatibility, so our work loads fast!

WordPress, Google Search & More

We live on the web and work on just about every aspect of it. LionFlux offers services to help you with your website and email. We can help you:

  • Setup Google apps
  • Move, repair and update WordPress websites
  • Recover data from a recent hack
  • Improve your Google Search rank
  • Troubleshoot email, DNS, server issues
  • Migrate data from one website to another
  • Train staff on new software

... And so much more!

Check out the services we offer

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